ASA Making Perfect Takeoffs & Landings in Light Airplanes


Originally published as two separate books, this newly-combined edition of Making Perfect Takeoffs and Landings in Light Airplanes now brings together comprehensive instruction on going up and coming back down. Author Ron Fowler's easy, conversational approach to teaching speaks to all pilots who thrive on the personal challenge of striving for excellence.

The tips and techniques shared here are useful to the typical rated private pilot, yet the book addresses the needs of the solo student pilot, to the thousand-hour pilot and the flight instructor as well. Each chapter defines a specific takeoff or landing situation and the set of characteristics unique to it. Ron Fowler presents the methods--and the logic behind the methods--that allow the pilot to master techniques key to normal takeoffs and landings, crosswind procedures, short- and soft-field operations, night procedures, critical landing situations, slips, tailwheel operations, and more.

The detailed yet easy-to-follow steps given here ensure pilots have the knowledge they need to go beyond rote-learned reactions and develop excellent flying skills.

ISBN: 978-1-61954-030-9

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