ASA Airframe Systems Textbook


Airframe Systems, the second book in Dale Crane’s four-part Aviation Mechanic Series, covers the various systems involved with the airframe: electrical, fuel, cabin atmospheric control, aircraft instruments, communication and navigation, ice control and rain removal, fire protection, and potable water and waste systems, as well as aircraft inspection. This text meets FAA aviation maintenance technician school curriculum requirements, covers the subjects outlined in the FAA test standards for aviation mechanics, and prepares applicants for all subjects tested on the FAA Knowledge Exams.

This new fourth edition features updated content reflecting new regulations and changes affecting Aviation Mechanic certification. Originally written by Dale Crane in 1994, this textbook has been reviewed and updated by an editorial team consisting of aviation mechanics, inspection authorization holders, university professors, aircraft owners, and aviation maintenance journalists.

ASA’s Aviation Mechanic Series is a current, comprehensive, and effective learning resource for aviation mechanic training. Designed for use in classrooms and for independent study, these textbooks feature color figures, study questions with answer keys, and extensive glossaries and indexes.

ISBN: 9781644251744

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