ALTITUDE ENCODER/42K (dual RS232 outputs)

The A-30 encoders work with all modern mode A/C and mode S transponders. The mod 9 configuration reports to 42,000 feet and provides both parallel grey codes and two RS 232 outputs which are jumper selectable in the most popular formats. The RS 232 altitude reporting is jumper selectable in 10 or 100 foot increments. It is plug compatible with all earlier mod 1 through 4, and mod 8 encoders with serial numbers 2,400 through 120,499.

This A-30.9 encoder (mod 9) kit includes a quick release mounting tray, 4 color coded foot harness with prewired jack, static line fittings, installation manual.
  • Provides ADS-B RS 232 attitude data
  • (2) RS 232 outputs
  • 10 ft resolution
  • Gray code to 42,000 ft

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