ASA Aviation Mechanic Handbook, Eighth Edition


A core reference manual for mechanics, aircraft owners, and pilots, this book compiles specs from stacks of reference books and government publications into a handy, toolbox-size guide. Includes information critical to maintaining an aircraft. Your single source for:

  • Applicable mathematics, conversions, and formulas
  • Aircraft nomenclature, controls, and system specs
  • Material/tool identifications
  • Hardware sizes/equivalents
  • Metal fabrication and fabric covering techniques
  • Composite materials
  • Aircraft batteries
  • Inspections, corrosion detection/control
  • Aircraft tire and spark plug information
  • The most frequently used measurements, scales, charts, diagrams... and much more.

This Eighth Edition contains the latest industry practices. Stay-flat flexible spiral binding is easy on all surfaces, and allows for easy on-the-job reference.

ISBN: 9781644252277

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