ASA Aviation Mechanic Oral & Practical Exam Guide


The comprehensive guide to prepare you for the FAA Aviation Mechanic General, Airframe, and Powerplant Oral & Practical Exams

The Oral and Practical Exams are the last steps for the certification of an aviation mechanic. You will work one-on-one with a designated mechanic evaluator (DME) who will determine if you possess the knowledge, risk management, and skill level needed to be issued an FAA Aviation Mechanic Airman Certificate. The Aviation Mechanic Oral & Practical Exam Guide will help you prepare for this significant step towards your new career.

The fourth edition of this book is designed to prepare aviation mechanic applicants to demonstrate their skill and understanding of the tasks outlined in the FAA certification standards. This book includes information on the certification process, typical projects and required skill levels, and practical knowledge requirements in a question-and-answer format, with references defined for further study.

ISBN: 9781644252642

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