Gleim Online Ground School - Commercial


The Gleim Online Ground School is a self-directed study course designed to prepare you to PASS the FAA knowledge tests. You can use this course to study at your own pace. Once you complete all course requirements, you will be provided with a knowledge test endorsement that will allow you to take the knowledge test at the testing center of your choice.

The Gleim Online Ground School - Commercial Pilot uses our sophisticated Knowledge Transfer Systems to ensure that you master all of the information you will need to be a competent, safe pilot and to pass your knowledge test with confidence.

Available for:

Commercial Pilot Airplane (CAX)
Military Competency Airplane (MCA)

  • Average Length of Course: 35 Hours
  • Testing center emulation (CATS and PSI/LaserGrade)
  • Sign-off to test - no instructor needed!
  • WINGS credit

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