Gleim Test Prep Online - UAS


The Gleim FAA Test Prep Online includes nine study units with all the training required to ensure you can pass the certification test.

  • Unlimited study sessions allow immediate feedback for all questions.
    • Get detailed answer explanations for all correct and incorrect answers.
  • Simulate the actual FAA test environment for either CATS or PSI authorized test centers.
    • Be prepared using the same figures and illustrations the FAA uses on the knowledge test.
  • Conveniently study at your own pace, using any device with an internet connection.
    • The course contains all the detailed notes, outlines, and references you need to prepare for and pass the FAA test.

In addition to obtaining the knowledge required to pass the test with confidence, you will gain the aeronautical decision making skills necessary to be a competent remote pilot, capable of operating safely in the national airspace system.


  • Regulations
  • Airspace classifications and requirements
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft performance
  • Emergency operations
  • Crew resource management
  • Radio communication procedures
  • Human factors
  • Aeronautical decision making
  • Airport operations
  • Maintenance
  • Preflight inspections

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