JetSeam - Women's Pilot Shirt - Modern Cut (Blue)


The best apparel in the business, for the best pilots in the sky.

  • Designed and tested by women, for women.
  • Modern Cut – Our modern take on a lady's pilot shirt. 
  • White Label fabric (4-way stretch: side to side, and up and down). Light and breathable. Designed to keep you looking and feeling your absolute best to enhance your performance.
  • White Label Fabric Makeup:
    • 58% Polyester
    • 32% Cotton
    • 10% Spandex
  • Features:
    • Neck liner
    • Open top pockets (badge clip friendly)
    • Pen holder


    JetSeam has researched the top companies in the clothing industry to make sure our shirts fit as you would expect. Our Women’s shirt has been designed by a woman who specializes in women’s clothing, and then they were tested and refined by women in the cockpit. We want you to love your shirt and how it fits you. Women’s Pilot Shirt – This shirt is meant to be form fitting, but with a good amount of stretch for ease of movement.

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