JetSeam - Women's Pilot Shirt - Modern Cut



Comfort is nearly as important as looking professional for your entire journey. We use fabrics that are Cotton Rich as opposed to polyester heavy. Cotton is a natural fiber that will give you the comfort you want, and the mixture of fibers we use to compliment the cotton will give you the performance you need to stay looking sharp. We have treated our shirts to be Easy-Care, which means they are wrinkle resistant as you wear them during the day, and they are ready to go right from the dryer with only a possible light ironing needed. Our Cotton Rich shirts do not “pill” or wear out in stress areas as fast as other standard uniform shirts that have more polyester and other man-made fibers.

JetSeam has researched the top companies in the clothing industry to make sure our shirts fit as you would expect. Our Women’s shirt has been designed by a woman who specializes in women’s clothing, and then they were tested and refined by women in the cockpit. We want you to love your shirt and how it fits you. Women’s Pilot Shirt – This shirt is meant to be form fitting, but with a good amount of stretch for ease of movement.

The best apparel in the business, for the best pilots in the sky.

  • Cotton Rich Easy-Care shirts that were designed and tested by women, for women.
  • Modern Cut – Our modern take on a lady's pilot shirt is made from our Gold Label fabric:
    • 57% Cotton
    • 38% Polyester
    • 5% Spandex + Easy Care
  • Features:
    • Neck liner
    • Open top pockets
    • Pen holder

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