ASA Tri-Fold VFR Kneeboard, New Edition


For the pilot who needs to carry more, this 3-panel carry-all kneeboard provides maximum storage space, encourages cockpit organization, and serves as the pilot's desk during flight. The center section of the cordura-like jacket holds a brushed aluminum kneeboard in place, while the two side pockets offer storage for charts, notes, a flight computer, pencil, pen and more.

Updated VFR reference information is tooled onto the brushed aluminum kneeboard offering resources for weather and flight planning, VFR ceilings, visibility, cloud clearance, cruising altitudes, pilot weather reports, light gun signals and a crosswind component graph. The left inside panel of the kneeboard jacket has two pockets for flight plans and notes, as well as elastic straps for holding a flight computer (not included) or other flight accessory. The right hand panel has a see-through pocket for easy chart viewing and storage. Hook-and-loop fasteners on the elastic leg band allow the kneeboard to adjust to a variety of leg sizes.

Black nylon jacket with embroidered silver wings logo, aluminum VFR Kneeboard, 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" (flight computer and chart not included).

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