ASA Virtual Test Prep: Private Pilot


Private Pilot Virtual Test Prep®–An Aviation Ground School uses 3D and animated graphics, special effects, air-to-air video, experienced flight instructors and subject experts, with real-world tips from the classroom, in the airplane, and at the airport for a comprehensive aviation ground school. You will be placed in the pilot seat, as well as see the FAA and air traffic controller’s perspective — so you walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the VFR environment. You will be prepared for the FAA Knowledge Exam, not by rote memorization, but with a true understanding and application of the knowledge needed for the test, making you a better and safer pilot.

This course meets 14 CFR Part 61 home study requirements and utilizes real-world in-flight video to provide focused and exciting learning. It includes Private Pilot Prepware, 24-month subscription to Prepware Online and both widescreen DVDs and high-definition Blu-Ray discs so you can enjoy the videos on whatever player you have.

Watch the videos to learn the subjects, then use the included ASA Prepware software to work through the questions for a comprehensive aviation ground school. Graduation certificate and instructor endorsement (sign-off) available from ASA for no additional cost upon completion of the course.

Updated material includes information on BasicMed, Graphical Forecast for Aviation (GFA), significant weather prognostic chart, ADS-B In and ADS-B Out, and discontinued services including Flight Watch, HIWAS, DUATS, and World Aeronautical Charts (WAC).

Course contents: Introduction, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, Regulations, Procedures & Airport Operations, Weather, Weather Services, Aircraft Performance, Enroute Flight, Navigation, Communication Procedures, and Test Tips. Nearly 11 hours of high quality widescreen standard definition and Blu-ray high definition ground school video presentation with interactive menus for scene/subject selection! (See User's Guide for specific subjects covered in each lesson.)

ISBN: 978-1-61954-997-5

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